Our Companies

Our companies put safety and customer service first, each with decades of specialized freight experience in their respective area.

Kaplan brand

Kaplan Trucking

A leader in steel hauling since 1934, The Kaplan Trucking Company operates over 650 trucks and also hauls commodities including aluminum, pipe, machinery, and building products.

Phone: 800.352.2848
Website: kaplantrucking.com

Eastern Express brand

Eastern Express

For more than 30 years, Eastern Express has provided flatbed trucking services to many customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Eastern Express has grown to become a leader in flatbed trucking services with more than 40 locations but has remained true to its family roots.

Phone: 800.348.6514
Website: easternexpressinc.com

DDS Express brand

DD&S Express

DD&S Express specializes in the hauling of over-dimensional commodities and super loads that require professional care, including machinery, enclosures, vessels, turbines, transformers, and more.

Phone: 800.285.4337
Website: ddsexpress.com

Single Source Leasing brand

Single Source

Owner operators driving for Kaplan, Eastern, or DD&S can take advantage of our industry-leading trailer lease purchase program through Single Source Leasing.

Phone: 888.892.2060
Website: kaplantrucking.com/trailers.html
Website: easternexpressinc.com/trailers.html

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Horizon Freight System

With 30+ years of intermodal experience, Horizon Freight System offers local, regional, and long-haul services—both domestic and international. Additionally, Elite One Intermodal and Container Connection Intermodal (CCI) operate as Horizon subsidiaries.

Phone: 800.480.6829
Website: horizonfreightsystem.com

TRX and Green Wave Transport brands


TRX is a leader in container transport, providing local, regional, and long-haul intermodal trucking and drayage services that focus on U.S. rail and ports. Green Wave Transport operates as a subsidiary of TRX.

Phone: 855.259.9259
Website: trxtrucking.com

Services We Provide

Comprehensive trucking management and logistics services backed by a long-standing commitment to respect and transparency. We treat our customers and drivers with integrity, which translates to a high level of customer service you can count on.


We are an independent company, unlike many trucking companies that are publicly-traded or owned by private equity. We pride ourselves on fast, sound decision-making. Our customers rely on us as a partner that is there for the long haul.

Safety & Risk Management

Our safety programs exceed DOT regulations and industry norms. We emphasize comprehensive driver training (including accident avoidance techniques) and manage liability and cargo insurance/claims. When you work with our companies, you can be assured your freight is handled by a safe, skilled driver base.

Operations & Sales

We maintain strong relationships with our drivers, customers, and terminal personnel. This goes hand-in-hand with our ongoing sales efforts, which include business development and customer service.


We provide reporting and analysis on all aspects of our financial performance with direct responsibility for employee payroll/benefits, tax filings, cash management, and insurance administration.

Settlements & Billing

We ensure our drivers, terminal personnel, and customers are paid and billed accurately, expediently, and consistently. Our settlements and billing teams listen to our customers and drivers and are attentive to their needs, minimizing errors and maximizing responsiveness.

Accounts Receivable

Close attention to detail and a dedication to follow-up drive our success as we monitor customer accounts to ensure timely payment.

Tractor Trailer Leasing

Single Source Leasing, our in-house lease-purchase trailer program, matches our drivers to equipment.

Information Technology

Our in-house team is responsible for software development, tech support, and hardware/software maintenance. Their core development philosophy is to build user-friendly operating systems customized to the needs of our terminal network, drivers, and customers.

Logistics Management

At Firstline Logistics, we provide warehousing and transportation management for inbound and outbound products including steel, aluminum, machinery, and other commodities.

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